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Increase your turnover with a hospitality lighting plan from Berla. We create the perfect atmosphere for your guests and make the dishes shine. A hospitality lighting plan ensures that your restaurant becomes one of the finest hospitality venues. We take into account the aesthetics of the interior, the functionality of the lighting, all your requirements and energy costs. We thus realise the best possible lighting and experience for you.

A hospitality lighting plan for the perfect experience

A lighting plan is a comprehensive advisory report. For each room, we consider which luminaires and light sources are needed. We determine the luminaires on the basis of your wishes and the light points on the basis of the floor plan. Natural light plays a major role. This allows rooms to be shown to their best advantage. A lighting plan takes into account your wishes, the layout and the building plan of the premises. This ensures the desired atmosphere, perfect colours and cost savings.


You want to ensure that guests have the ultimate experience in your restaurant. They should feel comfortable and stimulated. This makes them much more likely to come back. An expertly prepared lighting plan for the hospitality industry ensures the right ambient, functional and accent lighting. This creates the perfect aesthetic and atmospheric experience that sets you apart.

Lichtplan Horeca
Horeca lichtplan

Dishes and colour

Chefs work hard to get dishes perfect. It would be a shame if the guest does not see this reflected. After all, presentation is influenced by lighting. Lighting in restaurants needs a good CRI value for the right colour rendering. With this, you ensure the optimal presentation, colour and experience. At Berla Lighting, lighting has a minimum CRI value of 95+ so that your dishes shine.

More turnover with a lighting plan for the hospitality industry

Boosting your sales? Make guests feel comfortable and welcome in your business. Atmosphere has a strong impact on the space and the guest’s experience. Lighting creates an appropriate atmosphere so that guests feel at home. This provides the extra boost to your sales you need.

Cost savings

With the investment in a personally prepared lighting plan, you can count on sustainable lighting. Our LED lighting uses a lot less energy than regular light bulbs. For instance, it uses up to 90% less power than a regular light bulb. This will greatly reduce your monthly costs. A good lighting plan also takes into account the amount of lighting needed. You will thus get the most out of your investment.

See our projects

Berla Lighting has prepared numerous successful lighting plans for the hospitality industry. Are you curious about our projects? Take a look at our projects below.

Lighting plan Berla Lighting

We ensure that you have a tailor-made lighting plan where all essential aspects are considered. Berla Lighting has specialised in lighting advice and lighting products for many years. Thus, we help you with lighting for a perfect result. What you can expect from us:

  • Expert lighting advice: your wishes come first.
  • A lighting plan for your new home that takes all your wishes into account.
  • The perfect result you can enjoy for years to come.

Are you curious about the added value of a lighting plan for your hospitality business? We would be happy to tell you more about it!

Frequently asked questions

Do I get a discount if I buy more lights?
For projects or larger numbers we can often make a competitive price. Please contact us for the possibilities!
How can I request a quote?
This can be done via customer service.
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The order status of your order will be sent via e-mail. Do you still have questions? Then please contact the customer service.
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What are the shipping costs?
This depends on the order amount, the destination country and the type of products. Please contact Customer Service for the exact shipping costs.
Can you draw up a lighting plan for me?
You certainly can! Contact us and we will be happy to help.
Which lamps do I need for my situation?
This depends on your situation. Please contact our experts for help with the appropriate lighting.
I have a complaint, where can I go?
For complaints, please contact our customer service. Send an e-mail to or write a letter to the address below: Berla bvt.a.v. complaints department Hercules 85126 RK GilzeThe Netherlands Our staff will review the complaint and try to resolve it to everyone's satisfaction. After receipt of your complaint, you will receive a confirmation from us. We will respond to your complaint within 14 days of receipt. Should it take longer, you will be informed.
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What happens if one of my lamps fails?
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