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Lighting with a high CRI value for correct colour reproduction

Have you ever noticed that colours of objects look different in different environments? Think of the colour of paint, clothing or furniture colours. This is due to the different types of lighting that are used. Lighting has a number of important functions. It has to provide an aesthetic appearance, create the right atmosphere and ensure that colours are displayed correctly. The correct colour rendering of lighting has to do with the CRI value. In this blog we will explain what CRI is and why it is important to pay attention to it.

What is CRI?

CRI is the abbreviation for “Coloring Rendering Index”. This is a scale which indicates how accurately colours are rendered by lighting. But what is a good or bad CRI value?

The CRI value can have a maximum value of 100. This is comparable to natural light (sunlight). The value is determined by comparing six reference colours with natural light. Zero indicates that there is little or no colour present and a value of 100 indicates perfect colour reproduction. Therefore, ensure that the CRI value of lighting is as close to 100 as possible. A CRI value of at least 90 is recommended. That way you can be sure of correct colour rendering.

Why a good CRI value is important

Besides the fact that seeing colours correctly is pleasant, different industries focus on showing the right colours. For restaurants it is important that food looks tasty and that the right atmosphere is conveyed to the guests. For clothing shops and interior design shops it is important that the products are displayed in their true-to-life colours. However, a high CRI value is not always necessary. For example, perfect colour rendering is not necessary for emergency lighting or on the work floor.

Berla only uses the highest quality

At Berla, we are extremely focused on high quality lighting. Our lighting largely displays a CRI of 95+, so you are assured of perfect colour reproduction! In addition, our LED lighting has an extra long life. So you can enjoy your luxury lighting even longer.
Are you looking for lighting of unparalleled quality? Contact us for the possibilities. We are happy to help.

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