since 1930

The family business that has made sophisticated lighting its life's work

Berla makes an interior and the world a little more beautiful

Making the world a more beautiful place. That’s the goal of the ambitious brothers Sam and Géza Berkes. They do this by stylishly lighting homes, business premises and public spaces. But also by doing business in a way that is good for people and the environment.

What Berla does
Berla is a lighting specialist in the broadest sense of the word. Berla provides the advice and products needed to correctly light the interior of a building. Years of experience ensure that the light advisors know exactly what a space needs in order to be at its best. In Berla’s own production facility, custom LED lighting is produced and mounted on beautiful fixtures.

What Berla stands for
Berla stands for exceptionally high quality. The motto is ‘do it right the first time, or don’t do it at all’. By continuously innovating, Berla LED lighting has a CRI value of 98 (out of 100), where competitors score a value of 80. Because the colour rendering is so realistic, the customer’s interior looks great.

Not only the result is important, but also the way to get there. That is why Berla’s production is people-friendly and environmentally friendly. For example, the working conditions at suppliers are checked, CO2 emissions are limited and employees are encouraged to get the best out of themselves.

The unique Berla formula
At Berla, it’s not the lamp that’s important, but the effect that the lighting has on the room. This means that the technology must be good and only the best parts are used. This makes it possible to guarantee an even colour temperature and luminosity. Imported materials are thoroughly checked and fitted with Berla’s electronics to ensure a long life. Our own production facility ensures optimal control over the quality of the end product.

Who Berla works for
Many private homes and business premises are now illuminated with Berla’s lighting plans and lighting. Unique locations, such as world-class museums, also make use of Berla’s services. Because they know how important colour fastness is.

How Berla started
Berla was started in 1930 by grandma Berkes as a lampshade workshop. In 1968, she handed over the baton to her sons, who turned it into a production company in the 1980s. Sam and Géza took over the company from their father and uncle in 2006 and gave a new meaning to the term ‘light specialist’. It is truly a family business.

The brothers have big plans for the future. By continuing to innovate, they believe they can make the world even more beautiful.

Geza Geza

Every room is unique. A common mistake is to illuminate a room by neatly distributing lamps throughout the room. Often, this is done by adding lamps of different brands, which causes different types of light to cross each other. Even installers and architects see this happen regularly.

The purpose of lighting is to show off the furnishings to their best advantage. 

That is why it is essential to take a good look at the space. How is the room used? Where are there obstacles and what is the natural incidence of light like? This forms the basis for the lighting plan. And because we only work with Berla lighting products, we can promise our customers an excellent end result.

Sam Sam

To operate at our level, it is important to have high standards for your products and to take good care of your people so that they perform optimally. We reserve a significant part of our turnover for independent audits by an external agency. That is not common in our industry. But by continuing to innovate and set high standards, we deliver a unique quality and are often more cost-effective than the competition. And that is definitely due to our people.

Our employees have a lot of freedom to do their work as well as possible.

They go to trade fairs, choose for themselves what tools they need in the production process and are challenged to keep innovating. It is precisely because of this freedom that they feel responsible. Combine that with double checks and we can deliver what we promise: we do it right the first time!

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