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Omdat verlichting de grote sfeermaker is in uw woning

Don’t take it lightly,
use a lighting plan from Berla!

A lighting plan helps you get the look you want. Are you building or renovating a house? If so, you probably already have an image in mind. You quickly think of the interior design in the form of furniture and colours. In contrast, lighting is often overlooked. After all, lighting is the great mood creator in any home and completes the picture. A carefully elaborated plan ensures that your home radiates the desired atmosphere.


What is a lighting plan?

A lighting plan is a comprehensive advisory report. For each room, it specifies which luminaires and light sources are needed to show off the room to its best advantage. Within this plan, the construction drawing of the house or building is taken into account. Thus, holes are drilled in advance in the places where the lighting is to be installed. With these placement instructions, the installer can get straight to work. This is more efficient and avoids unnecessary construction costs in the future.

Several factors are taken into account within this plan. Natural light, the layout of the room and, of course, your taste play a major role. This is why Berla’s lighting specialists always talk to you before drawing up an advisory report.

The advantages of a Berla lighting plan

The benefits are not just limited to the desired atmosphere. This advisory report gives you multiple benefits, both short- and long-term. This is how you get the most out of your lighting. A lighting plan:

  • Ensures an efficient construction process;
  • Gives your spaces an exclusive atmosphere;
  • Take into account your personal requirements;
  • Lowers your energy costs;

A lot of indirect lighting is used in Berla’s plans. This creates the sophisticated and exclusive look. This effect is further enhanced with the use of our own lighting products.

Exclusive lighting by Berla

Berla Lighting supplies its own high-quality and exclusive lighting products. We apply strict quality requirements to our lighting. This ensures perfect colour rendering and a longer lifespan than regular lighting. In addition, we also provide custom-made lighting which is made entirely according to your wishes.

High CRI value

Berla LED lighting is known for its true-to-life colour rendering. Your furniture will show its true colour with the help of a high CRI value. So you can enjoy art as the artist intended.

By choosing the same colour temperature, rooms blend seamlessly into one another while being used for different purposes. This really makes lighting the connecting factor in your home. A lighting plan takes each factor into account so that your premises or home forms a whole.

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Customisation and lighting

Berla has its own production facility in the Netherlands. That means everything is custom-made for you. For example, do you want lighting above your kitchen island? Berla makes sure the luminaire fits exactly. To the centimetre. Every home is provided with high-quality custom work.

Berla’s lighting consultants provide expert advice. Because its own brand luminaires and lighting sources are of excellent quality, every room is beautifully lit. Experience, innovative products and an in-house production line ensure high quality at an excellent price.

Which lighting plan is for you?

Berla Lighting has been a lighting specialist for many years. We provide custom-made luminaires and provide the advice you need. We create lighting plans for every sector including new-build homes, hospitality, retail and offices.

Would you also like to have a lighting plan drawn up? Berla will gladly provide you with expert advice. Please contact us.

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