Retail lighting

The right retail lighting can make a world of difference to the appearance of your shop and sales results. This starts at the front door and your shop windows. Does your lighting know how to entice customers into your store? And are you already applying lighting optimally to highlight and sell products? Berla would like to help you use the full potential of your shop lighting!

The benefits of optimal lighting in retail

The right lighting strengthens your shop formula. Optimal lighting creates a pleasant shopping atmosphere and enhances the customer experience. Moreover, your products only really come into their own when they are properly lit. True-to-life colour reproduction helps to assess the value of the product and makes it easier for the consumer to decide whether to buy.

You will soon see the improvement in the field of lighting in the form of better sales results. Would you like to save more and increase your profits? By choosing sustainable and energy-efficient LED lighting, you save considerably on lighting costs, which results in a much lower energy bill.

Lighting advice and lighting from Berla

In order to optimally lighten your shop, a strong basis is needed. That is why at Berla we work from a lighting plan, with tailor-made lighting advice. In the plan we take into account the layout of your shop, the corporate identity and the desired atmosphere. Elements such as natural light and the transitions between different shopping areas are also taken into account.

We work mostly with lighting of our own brand, produced in our production facility in the Netherlands. Of course, Berla also supplies quality lighting of any other brand. In this way, we offer high-quality lighting that we can fully customise and fit into the lighting plan. In the plan, we also include clear installation instructions, so that your installer can easily install the lighting, completely as desired.