Lighting for private households

The time has come! You are going to build or renovate your own home. Of course, it is nice to start quickly with the layout and design of all the rooms, but have you thought about your lighting? For many, this may seem like the last step, but the preparations should actually begin at an early stage.

A clear lighting plan is then indispensable. In the lighting plan, the luminaires are placed in a drawing in advance, so that it is clear at a glance which lighting is to be placed where. This plan makes it immediately clear to the contractor / installer where which connections must be placed.

Berla is your full-service lighting supplier. In addition to our own extensive collection of luminaires, we are also able to fully customise the lighting for your home. Of course, you can also buy lighting from other manufacturers from us. So with us you will always find the ideal lighting for your home.

The benefits of optimal lighting at home

Light is the ultimate mood enhancer and can make or break the atmosphere of a room. The right lighting fits seamlessly with the function of the room and ensures that you can relax, concentrate or work. In addition, the right light also ensures that your furniture and home decorations are shown off to their best advantage, thanks to true-to-life colour rendering. And by choosing the same colour temperature, you ensure that rooms blend seamlessly into one another, even though they are used for different purposes. In this way, your lighting really becomes the connecting factor within the home.

Lighting advice and lighting from Berla

Our experienced lighting consultants will always give you expert advice. And because the luminaires and lighting sources of our own Berla brand are of high quality, every room is beautifully lit. From our own production facility, we make it possible to provide every home with unique lighting. Experience, innovative products and our own production line come together here to offer you the highest quality at an excellent price.