Hospitality lighting

Are you looking for the right lighting to bring the atmosphere of your hospitality to a higher level? Berla offers tailor-made lighting, based on professional lighting advice that matches the architecture and layout of your establishment.

The advantages of optimum lighting in the catering industry

The right lighting makes a world of difference and can set your business apart from the competition. High-quality lighting increases the atmosphere and emphasises the unique character of your restaurant. In addition, a warm ambiance contributes to the overall customer experience. Guests stay seated longer, which in turn has a positive effect on consumption behaviour.

In addition, modern lighting has a cost-saving effect. By choosing sustainable and energy-efficient LED lighting, you save on your energy bill without compromising on atmosphere.

Lighting advice and lighting from Berla

Optimal lighting for your restaurant begins with lighting advice and a customised lighting plan. The advice takes into account the style and layout of your establishment and the desired atmosphere. Aspects such as natural light and the transition between rooms are also included in the plan. This results in a concrete approach that does justice to each space.

We work mainly with lighting products of our own brand, which are produced in our production facility in the Netherlands. Of course, we also supply quality lighting of any other brand. Berla lighting is fitted into the lighting plan down to the last centimetre, so that every room is ultimately lit exactly as you want it. In addition, we provide clear installation instructions so that your installer can easily take care of the installation.