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Light circles: stylish circular pendant lights made to measure

Are you looking for a trendy lamp for atmospheric lighting? Light circles offer high aesthetic value and are the latest trend in the lighting field. Whether you want to pleasantly light up a living room or dining room, whether you need attractive lighting for a meeting room or whether you want to attractively illuminate your shop or restaurant; a light circle is always possible!

Possibilities and designs

Light circles are available in many different designs and variations. The circular pendant lamps consist of an aluminium frame to which LED strips can be added in various ways. In this way, you can choose to have the light shine below, above or even from the inside. The aluminium is also available in different colours and finishes. Choose black, white, gold or copper with a cool weathered look.

Naturally, different light colours and colour temperatures are also possible. Go for warm atmospheric tones for a social setting, or choose bright tones for a pleasant working environment. And why choose? With a tuneable white adjustment option, you can adjust both the light intensity and the colour temperature, so that you have bright white work light during the day and a pleasantly warm ambient light at night.

If desired, you can also control the light circles via the Casambi app, which makes it easy to regulate the light level and colour temperature.

We offer the right dimensions for every room, whether you want a modest light circuit or a large light circuit. Installation is also varied: the light circles can be hung at an angle or combined in clusters of different light circle sizes. It is also possible to mount additional spotlights on the circular pendant lamps.

Tailor-made light circles & lighting advice

The circular pendant lamps are always custom-made and, if desired, are ready for immediate suspension (plug & play). Berla can also provide appropriate lighting advice, so that you can be sure that the light circles will be shown off to their full advantage in your space. Curious about the possibilities for your space(s)? Feel free to contact us for more information.

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