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Berla lighting now in showroom Amsterdam!

Since June 2021, a new showroom for interior professionals has been available in Amsterdam. This showroom, from Stuart Interior Hub Amsterdam, is aimed at the professional client, architect and consumer. With an area of approximately 400 m2, you can gain inspiration for a luxurious interior, both for your home and the office. Berla’s products are part of this showroom, allowing you to view our lighting products and make an appointment for personal lighting advice.

Stuart Amsterdam and Berla Lighting

Lighting is essential for a luxurious appearance. With the increasing demand for personal lighting plans and quality lighting, we wanted to be more accessible to our partners and customers. After the initial contact, a wonderful collaboration was quickly realised whereby our lighting is now part of a professionally equipped showroom. So you can see our lighting in fully furnished offices and also scandinavian interior.  

It took a year in total before this showroom was ready for you. Our lighting advisors Jorge Ovaa and Richard Kouw were able to ensure that the look is perfect down to the smallest detail.

What to expect?

You can make an appointment to receive personal advice for your luxurious interior. With the help of a floor plan of your home, we can go through everything to create a personal lighting plan. With the location in Amsterdam we also hope to be more accessible for our Dutch partners and customers. 

In addition, the showroom is furnished with custom-made lighting by Berla. This in combination with a luxuriously furnished interior, you can get a complete picture of our products, the range and the quality we offer.

Make an appointment for lighting advice in Amsterdam?

Are you looking for personal lighting advice or would you like to see our lighting in a professionally designed interior? Please contact us and we will be happy to schedule an appointment to visit our lighting showroom in Amsterdam.

Lighting design Amsterdam

Would you like a professional lighting plan? Our light advisors can also make that for you from the showroom in Amsterdam.
Feel free to contact us and ask about the possibilities of a lighting plan!

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