Stichting MEES

Year: 2024
Architect: Dick Embregts Interior Architecture
Dealer: TES Installation Technology
Lighting advice: Berla Lighting
Photography: Berla Lighting

MEES Foundation chooses Berla Lighting

Because of the children’s specific care needs, it was important for the children to feel as comfortable as possible. In our experience, lighting contributes greatly to this.
By using various light colours and dimming options, an atmosphere is created that radiates complete tranquillity. In particular, a starry sky has been installed in the snoozing room, which, combined with tranquil images and sounds, can give some children the comfort they need.

The collaboration with TES Installatietechniek enabled us to complete this project very well. The technical insight of TES Installation Engineering and the experience of Berla Lighting was the perfect symbiosis for this beautiful project.

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