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Why a lighting plan is essential for concrete structures

Lighting is a big part of designing a home. It emphasises the architecture, creates atmosphere and makes you feel at home. When building or renovating a house, lighting is often overlooked. Retrofitting lighting causes extra work and unnecessary extra costs. Especially when concrete is used. By drawing up a lighting plan, you can avoid subsequent work and save costs. In this blog, we explain why it is important to take lighting into account in advance.

A lighting plan prevents unnecessary expenses

It’s nice when the building process of a new house goes completely according to plan. For the process to run smoothly, the work must fit together. Lighting is often overlooked during the design process and installing it afterwards can incur a lot of unnecessary costs, especially with concrete. Think of milling and drilling new holes. 

With a personal lighting plan, the placement of the light is considered in advance. The type of lighting is also chosen, taking into account the correct dimensions. This allows for the installation of building kits that guarantee quick installation and save you from unforeseen costs and work.

The architect incorporates the lighting plan into the design

When designing a house, one quickly thinks of architecture. Colours, textures and beautiful shapes that create a unique home. Lighting also plays an important role in this. It emphasises the architecture and ensures that the atmosphere is perfectly attuned to the wishes.

After choosing the models and sizes, the architect can include the lighting plan in the design. This way, the installation of the lighting is taken into account during the building process and there are no surprises.

It makes work easier for the installer

Installers are dependent on the design. Have no holes been drilled in the places where lighting is to be installed? Then other work will have to be done first. Think of the drilling and milling in concrete. 

When pouring concrete, recessed boxes can be installed in advance so that the lighting fits perfectly into the concrete structure. This makes the work of the installer easier.

Berla advises on lighting

Would you like a first-class appearance through expert lighting advice? Berla has specialised in lighting for over 90 years. We are happy to help you with a personal lighting plan. In this way you can be sure of the right atmosphere in your home and you can avoid later complications. Contact us for the possibilities.

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